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In this section you will find articles on New York written by our travel team. Our writers were once foreigners to New York but were lured by the city's appeal. Now, as New Yorkers, they bring the city to life through their articles and experiences combining the tourist's curiosity and the New Yorker's expertise

New York City Walks: walk 1

By Jennifer Bechem

It maybe your first/only/100th time here and you want to make sure you see all the tourist stuff, but you also want to see what the locals do/how they live—well then this series of walks will be perfect for you. All walks can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours, depending on how long you decide to spend at each sight...

St Patrick's day

By Emma Jones

It seems like there is a parade taking place on 5th avenue every other week but the month of March sees the biggest and the best take over the streets. On March 17th New York City is overrun by green and Guiness in the largest St Patrick's day parade in the world...

Roosevelt Island

By Emma Jones

Standing on the 147 acres of Roosevelt Island in the middle of the East river feels like viewing Manhattan in a super sized snow globe. The thin strip of land may only be one stop further on the subway but it is a whole world away from the hectic streets of Manhattan...

Classic movies in a Modern City

By Jennifer Bechem

Have a passion for the vintage? Think copies of black and white films are sacred? Have you always dreamed of seeing My Fair Lady on the big screen? Then you’re in luck because New York City is the place for you. The Big Apple is home to numerous movie theatres, but in particular, home to Big Screen Classics...

Twelve Reasons to Visit New York

By Emma Jones

New York is a city for all seasons. From enjoying the Summer months sipping ice tea in outdoor cafes to wrapping up to see the winter lights, there is never a 'best time' to visit. Whenever you arrive you will be captivated by the city's vibrancy and energy. New York leaves an imprint on your memory that makes you want to keep returning month after month. Here is a rundown of what's going on in the city throughout the year...

Valentine's Day in New York City

By Emma Jones

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner and if you are looking to impress your loved one then New York City will not disappoint. If you have cash to flash then there are plenty of extravagant ways to spend it but equally a beautiful view or romantic stroll can be just as special...

Happy New Year (Chinese New Year)

By Jennifer Bechem

Think that the New Year is over and you've lost your chance to make a good first impression on the beginning of the next untouched year? Well if you're in New York January 29th through February 13th, then you're in luck! For generations Asian communities have come together to celebrate the Lunar New Year...

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